• triyoga (map)
  • 57 Jamestown Road
  • London, England, NW1 7DB
  • United Kingdom

Save the date for this very special visit to TriYoga London. 

November 13-15th are workshops open to the public that will include accessible philosophy and asana. We will dive into the yogic texts in the morning sessions and explore some more technical training on asana in the afternoons through workshopping poses and a vinyasa practice.

Nov 16-18th will be Stephanie’s signature Teacher Tune-In, a 3 day advanced training for teachers and/or longtime practitioners. For those of you who want to go into greater detail on yoga philosophy, sequencing and alignment. We will spend time with Bhagavad Gita in detail and depth, combing over some of the more sophisticated slogans and less often taught themes. The asana portion of this training will focus on the more advanced backbends and the inversions that relate to them (ie viparita dandasana, pinchamayurasana, headstand drop backs, etc). We will review alignment, assists, modifications, and sequencing for these poses. This content will be more consistent with my teacher training offerings and designed to feel as supportive as it does informative. Come fill your cup in studentship.

More information and registration details coming soon at TriYoga Camden.