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1:00pm – 4:00pm | Philosophy of Patanjali and Vinyasa Flow | Exploration of the Yoga Sutra

In this workshop, we will dive into key concepts of the Yoga Sutras. Learn the foundational history and context of the Yoga Sutras. We will discuss major themes of each chapter and how they relate to modern life. Exploring the concept of god and a dualistic universe as Patanjali teaches it and ways in which these teachings are meant to support our practice and understanding of yoga. This will be a lively discussion that brings to life these very powerful themes and teachings. Following our discussion we will flow through a vinyasa sequence, practicing implementing these consents on the mat. When we are able to infuse our thoughts and actions with the teaching on the mat, we are able to extend that skillfulness off the mat.

4:30pm – 7:30pm | Philosophy, Restorative Yoga, Pranayama

Following our morning workshop we will pick up with some specific and potent sutras, chanting them and dissecting what they mean in relation to modern life. The sutras are extremely dense and meant to be unpacked through self study and guided by a teacher. We will hone in on the second chapter, samadhi pada, and examine the auxiliary tools Patanjali has offered to us in order to correct the psychological disorder that causes our suffering. How can we connect with the seen through the seer instead of through the limited and confused ego? Patanjali lays out a specific roadmap complete with guardrails that will help us skillfully attain the viveka khyati- supreme discernment required to dissolve our suffering. After our discussion we will sink into a quiet restorative practice and pranayama designed to help us move toward that focused concentration that Patanjali describes as yoga itself.

These workshops may be taken together or separately and are appropriate for all levels as long as there is a sincere interest in yoga philosophy.

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